we are architects

“bureau SLA designs, invents and builds. Our team of passionate experts collaborates with like-minded pioneers to tackle current and future spatial challenges. In a rapidly changing society we offer tangible answers to questions regarding the way we want to live, work and relax, in a manner that fosters well-being for people and the planet.”

we design, invent & build

Our projects are distinguished by intelligent design solutions with a hands-on approach. We are truly passionate about architecture and construction, yet we firmly believe that there is a necessity for a shift in construction methods. Our commitment extends beyond the construction industry to contribute to broader societal transitions. Through our projects we showcase that it is really possible: founding a plastic recycling factory for circular facade materials, constructing affordable homes using biobased prefab wood construction, crafting a pavilion from borrowed, repurposed materials, or designing a large-scale inclusive and circular culture cluster.

bureau SLA

bureau SLA comprises architects, engineers, and builders, supported by experts in architectural history, landscape architecture and sustainability. In addition to external projects, we actively pursue and invest our own resources in projects that explicitly embrace experimentation and innovation. We approach our work with an explorative and inquisitive mindset, thoroughly researching and implementing strategies related to material usage, energy efficiency, waste flows, smart living & working and development processes. Bureau SLA’s projects have received recognition in the Yearbook of Dutch Architecture on four occasions.


In addition to assignments for private clients, bureau SLA has recently worked on projects for: AM bv, Gemeente Almere, Gemeente Amsterdam, Stichting Bosveld, Stichting Cultuurtempel De Pels, DubbeLL-Buurtontwikkelaars, Woningstichting Eigen Haard, Dutch Design Foundation, Gemeente Haarlemmermeer, Vereniging Hembrug A-elfjes, Koninklijke BAM Groep nv, KBK bouwgroep, Muiderslot, NEMO Science Museum, Gemeente Nijmegen, ProRail, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Stevast Baas & Groen, Theaterstad Amsterdam, Gemeente Utrecht, Vink Bouw B.V., Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe, St. Woonzorg Nederland, Xior Student Housing, Stichting Ymere.

Peter van Assche

Founder Peter van Assche has contributed around 60 articles to national and international trade journals. He serves as a visiting professor at multiple universities globally and domestically. Additionally, he lectures at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and supervises the development of Beurskwartier in Utrecht. Notably, he received a nomination for Architect of the Year in 2023. Follow him @Peter_van_Assche.