bureau SLA contributes to happiness and health for people and planet. We do this with a team of passionate experts. Together with other pioneers we work on spacial challenges now and in the future.

The office consists of a team of architects, engineers and builders supported by architectural historians, landscape architects and energy experts. In addition to external assignments bureau SLA works on its own initiative with its own manpower on projects in which experimentation is explicitly sought. Material use, energy, waste streams, smart living & working and development processes are investigated and implemented with an open and investigative attitude.

Our projects are characterized by intelligent design solutions with a hands-on approach. We love to build but we are also convinced that the way we build has to change. We are committed to the transition that not only the construction world needs but society as a whole. With our projects we show that it really is possible: founding a plastic recycling factory for circular facade material, building cheap homes in a biobased, prefab wood construction, making a pavilion from borrowed materials or designing a large-scale inclusive and circular culture cluster.

Projects by bureau SLA were included four times in the Yearbook of Dutch Architecture. Founder Peter van Assche has published approximately 60 articles in national and international trade journals. He is a visiting professor at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (D) and at Cornell University (NY). He is also a lecturer at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, chairman of the Environmental Quality Committee in Utrecht and supervisor of the Beurskwartier in Utrecht.