© VingtsixRight next to Bullewijk metro station in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, bureau SLA has designed a 76-meter high residential tower with 320 apartments. The lower floors consist of a commercial and communal spaces. The complex will be the new anchor point between the new city district Amstel 3 and the multicultural Bijlmer area. The residents share communal roof terraces. High noise levels on the side of the railtracks make noise barriers necessary. By linking these to the apartments great outside spaces are created. The towers are designed as a rational repetition of residential units. The basic structure is made from prefab columns and floors slabs. Due to the resulting free spaces, the building can be used for new functions in the future.

The materialization of the tower is rather spectacular. The first five layers (the plinth) consist of a concrete facade cladding with recycled glass. The facades of the towers consist of tiles made of 100% recycled plastic building waste. PV panels are integrated into the facade design. Construction will start by the end of 2023.