De Open Hof, an elderly home in Amsterdam Oost, is known and loved by the close community where it’s located. The organization and bureau SLA worked together to find a solution on how to provide better care for its inhabitants. Amsterdam is in need of good quality housing for their seniors, as they are an important and growing group in the city who are often overlooked. Therefore, together with the organization of de Open Hof, we tried to answer the question of how we can make sure that elderly people in the city can spend the rest of their lives in a qualitative way.

The beautiful courtyard of the nursing home, offers its residents peace, quietness and a green environment. The current courtyard remains and wIll be enlarged in a way so that the shared garden is interesting for the residents on all levels. The seniors will be able to enjoy a pretty view of the courtyard from their future homes. Not only does the courtyard offer a lush environment, it also offers the residents a safe place. All around the yard, they live semi hidden behind the trees. At the same time they also find themselves in the middle of a bustling city, without having to experience the noises and crowds that are normally part of it. To remain part of the close community and contribute to the social character of the neighborhood, the courtyard will be open and accessible for neighbors to meet each other.

An important characteristic of the new building is the relationship between the city and the nursing home. By positioning the corridor around the homes we beat two birds with one stone. For starters, there is a direct connection with the surrounding city, enabling daylight to enter limitless which transforms a usually dark corridor into a lively, bright space. But also, it creates a noise buffer between the highway and the residents.

Een belangrijk kenmerk van het nieuwe gebouw is dat de relatie met de stad behouden blijft. Door de gang om de zorgkamers heen te positioneren en zo een corridor ontsluiting te voorkomen, slaan we twee vliegen in één klap. Er is direct zicht op de stad en daglicht valt tegelijkertijd vol overvloed binnen, waardoor de gang van een donkere plek naar een open ontmoetingsplek voor de bewoners transformeert. De gang heeft op deze manier nog een tweede functie: het zorgt voor een geluidsbuffer tussen de naastgelegen autoweg en de woningen. Deze ingreep bevordert de woonkwaliteit van de bewoners en biedt tegelijkertijd een mooie oplossing voor de anders kostbare, onontkomelijke dove gevel.