The design combination of bureau SLA,  Inbo, Overtreders W, Woonpioniers and Boom Landscape won the design assignment for a new cultural heart on Berlijnplein in Utrecht Leidse Rijn, united in the “De Pleinmakers” consortium.

On May 18, the municipality and the Pleinmakers was signed signed the cooperation agreement. De Pleinmakers will be led by Vink Bouw. Vink Bouw will be responsible for the construction and management of the buildings and the outdoor areas. The municipality of Utrecht is investing 45.2 million euros in the cultural heart of Berlin Square. Berlijnplein is an initiative of the municipality of Utrecht, in collaboration with RAUM, De Plaatsmaker, Kanaal30 and the Utrecht School of Arts.

The cultural heart will allow for exhibition and presentation spaces, studios for dance, theater and music, workshops, catering and workshops for education and the creative industry.