“The pavilion demonstrates a skilful ruggedness in the design and build processes”

– Architecture Yearbook 2013

The ‘Noorderparkkamer’ runs projects to improve social cohesion in Amsterdam North. It does this with great succes. To give room for a small cafe next to their ‘office’ we designed the Noorderparkbar. Completely constructed out of second hand materials from ‘marktplaats’ (the dutch e-Bay) the design is both low in costs and easy to construct. Still has a ‘wicked’ look though.

Facts & figures

Client: bureau SLA & Overtreders W
User: Noorderparkkamer
Designers: Peter van Assche (SLA), Reinder Bakker (Overtreders W), Hester van Dijk (Overtreders W), Mathijs Cremers (SLA), Jorrit Vijn (bouwkundig kunstenaar)
Photos: Jeroen Musch
Design en construction: 2011-2012