“bureau SLA’s environmental learning centre demonstrates sustainable building methods”

– Dezeen.com, January 23, 2016

All primary schools in Amsterdam have a special education program about nature and environment. In this program every child takes care of his or her own 6 m2 garden and gets additional classes in a dedicated building: the nature & environment learning centre. The new learning centre in Amsterdam North replaces two temporary structures that housed this program over the past 5 years. The new building is unique, because it works as an education tool itself: its sustainability can be seen and be felt. What makes the energy management of the new school building interesting is that sustainability is visible, tangible and perceptible. The particular shape of the building allows, for example, an optimal orientation of the roof towards the sun. Another example are the large concrete slabs (the Trombe Walls) in front the building. They heat up fresh air before it enters the classrooms.

General information about NME can be found here (PDF, 5 Mb)