Even the most complicated details are perfect.”   – de volkskrant

Dutch National Glass Museum collects, examines and exhibits glass art and design from 1850 onwards. It serves as the Netherlands’ treasury, laboratory and centre of knowledge on glass. The Glass Museum was started in 1953 in the house of Petrus Marinus Cochius, director of Leerdam glass manufacturers and founder of the Leerdam glass tradition.

Having two villas is charming, but provides the visitor with nothing else than to walk from one small room to another. By linking the two buildings, continuous exhibition rooms are created. The connection is more than a corridor; it is display space itself and becomes part of the visitor’s experience. Furthermore, the connecting bridges serve as the museum’s storage space. This open storage is fully accessible, making the National Glass Museum the Netherland’s first museum to give public access to its complete collection. You can find more detailed information in this PDF-file.

Dutch National Glass Museum is listed in the Dutch Yearbook of Architecture 2010/2011


client: Kleurrijk Wonen
user: Nationaal Glasmuseum
designers: Peter van Assche, Mathijs Cremers, Mick van Essen, Gonçalo Moreira, Gražina Bendikaite, Tereza Novosadová
constructor: Sineth Engineering en Krabbendam Boerkoel
furniture: Piet Hein Eek
design: 2009
construction: 2010
squire meters: 1100 m2 BVO
photos: Jeroen Musch