Next to Hoofddorp train station is the Beukenhorst West business park. The site is located between the station and the village center. Until recently it was a mono-functional, pragmatic business area: office blocks and parking spaces. The area will change significantly with the realisation of Hyde Park: MVRDV designed the masterplan for nearly 4,000 apartments. The residential blocks are currently being built after designs by MVRDV, MVSA, Studio Ninedots, Barcode and Team V. The area will become the new entrance to Hoofddorp.

With the realisation of the Gerritshoeve and the folly, the station area is an attractive public space during the construction of Hyde Park. The Gerritshoeve is a renovated monumental barn that is currently located elsewhere in the Haarlemmermeer and will soon be given a new destination as a restaurant. The folly is a cheerful addition to the Kometenplein. It serves as a home base for outdoor encounters. Food trucks moor here, drinks are held after working hours and small events are organized around the 10-meter-high object.

The triangular object consists of four segments. Two of the four segments can move vertically and switch positions. In this way, the pavilion opens and closes. When closed, the door and the counter are at a height of 6 meters. After changing positions they are accessible from the square. The folly is manufactured in parts in a workshop and can be disassembled relatively easily. After completion of Hyde Park, the pavilion can be repurposed elsewhere.

The graphics in combination with the triangular shape provide each side with a new experience. Every perspective gives a new image.

Facts & Figures

Design: bureau SLA, Amsterdam
Builder: Helldörfer Lasbedrijf en Scheepsbouw, Arnhem
Construction: Fmax I-saac, Delft
Photography: Thijs Wolzak
Movie: Joeri Bleumer